Open sessions are scheduled on a Friday night and Saturday afternoon

Open sessions are now on a Friday and Saturday.


Friday starts at 16.30 and is currently run by Keith Woodward. The session isn't as busy as Saturday afternoons, so there should be limited time waiting for matches and the session will last as long as there's people who are ready to play.


Saturdays are run by Chris Turner and officially start at 14:00. As the afternoon sessions are extremely popular, we have now pushed the start time back to 13:15, therefore if you want to play a friend or a re-arranged league match, you can do so providing you start AT 13:15!

We try to guarantee you 3 games, and you can play both squash and racquetball, however the squash players are normally are gone by 15:30. There are sometimes over 20 people attending this open so please be aware that you may have to wait between games, however we do our best to try to limit this to just one match.

The afternoon is normally rounded off with racquetball doubles and then a few beers in the club ( which the pub usually deliver on request).

If you want further information, use the "Contact Us" form and Chris will give you a call. Alternatively, just come along and meet us.


The current cost of an open session is £4 which is really good value for a whole afternoon or evening of court use.

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