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Unfortunately we are currently closed 

You may have heard that Mitchel and Butlers have been in discussions with us regarding a potential lease of the club. The process has been ongoing for many months and we are now about to engage legal representation to secure the lease (which will initially run for 5 years). Our new identity will be Haymoor Sports Club Ltd.


Q: What does that mean for you?

A: Initially we will be arranging a meeting here at the club to present all of the information that we have and for you to ask any questions – please keep an eye on the notice boards here and the website for details.


Q: How will things change?

  • To enable a more professional and secure environment we will shortly be changing the lock on the inside door – the club then will only be accessible via either a swipe card, key-ring dongle or finger print.
  • To obtain one of the above access methods you will need to become a member of the club. This will involve filling in a membership request form and paying a yearly subscription. This year we are setting the membership fee to be £40.
  • League fees, open sessions and court fees will only slightly increase – I’m sure you agree that they are extremely cheap at the present.

Sponsorship opportunities are available – We currently have a few but more are needed, please ask for details.


Q: What do I get for my membership?

  • Secure access to the club
  • Ability to book and pay for courts online (currently work in progress)
  • Cheaper league fees, open sessions and court fees.

Q: What will our fees/sponsorship be spent on?

  • The club currently has some cash reserves, these will be used to refurbish the courts and replace the lighting with LED light fittings.
  • Going forward the club will have expenditure which will include the following: -
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Rent
  • Utility costs
  • Cleaning
  • Legal/Accountancy Costs
  • Updates to the interior of the club including investing on the areas of the club such as the men’s shower room, reception and viewing area to give the club a total refresh.

We have worked hard over a long period of time to get to where we are now – it was a simple choice of us pushing for a lease or the brewery would “mothball” the club. Unfortunately to enable us to progress, the way the club is currently used will need to change and we will need to better manage who uses the club and when – you will no longer be able to just turn up and use the courts/showers without booking and paying a fee. League nights, open sessions, Pilates session and the Karate club will not change and the courts will be blocked booked out for that purpose. If you currently use the club on a Wednesday or Friday evening (or any other time that we are not aware of), please contact us via the website (haymoorsquash.co.uk) to let us know.


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